Show up FIERCE Leadership Cohort

Show up FIERCE Leadership Cohort

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If you’ve been waiting for confidence, courage, to feel qualified or prepared or for opportunities and doors to open up: this is your moment!

This is your permission slip, your wake up call. This is your open door, your opportunity to go all in with God and decide that you won’t sell yourself–or him–short! You are called to a life of confidence, influence, ABUNDANCE.

I am committed to helping you fulfill God’s purpose for you, and for the people you are called to lead, to serve and to help.

Friend, can I be honest? If you don’t do it, no one will. YOU are the only one with YOUR gifts, YOUR vision, YOUR heart, mind and spirit, YOUR purpose, destiny and design. Don’t think for a moment that if you don’t step up and lead someone else will do it…or that God will move on to the next person.

If we fail to fulfill the call of God…if we refuse to lead the teams, influence the churches, change the communities, write the books, mentor the women, create the wealth and be ridiculously generous…there’s no stand-in waiting in the wings. There isn’t an understudy ready to tap in if we don’t make it happen!

And that is why we are here, isn’t it? Because the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable. They don’t change. For me. Or for you.

This Leadership Cohort is for women in all kinds of leadership roles…volunteer roles…positions of influence…places of ministry…in non-profit and business…entrepreneurs, creators and coaches…and women just beginning to step into leadership in some way.

Women who might struggle with CONFIDENCE…COMMUNICATION…BEING MORE BOLD in BUSINESS…knowing their STRENGTHS and SKILLS and using them effectively…learning to INFLUENCE and mentor those they LEAD.

And lots of women who don’t know their VALUE…their WORTH…and what they are CAPABLE of CONTRIBUTING.

In the show up fierce Leadership Cohort, we work on ALL of these things together.

How do I KNOW all these things?

Because that was me…and still IS me much of the time! When God started opening leadership doors for me, I jumped at the opportunities. But immediately realized how unprepared and unqualified I was! Let’s just say there was a LOT of on-the-job-training and transformation for Sue.

But even with no background or training or college degree, I have been humbled to lead teams and organizations as God continued to open doors. My natural leadership gifting and bold willingness have led me to sit in board rooms and conference rooms, speak at conferences and retreats, and lead trainings on team culture, spiritual leadership, productivity, and CliftonStrengths. All the while feeling ill-equipped and insecure inside…but showing up anyway!

Professionally, I started as a staff writer and quickly moved up to Editing Manager and then Marketing Director. I got my experience in organizational leadership while serving as a strategy and communications consultant and later, as a Vice President for an international missions agency for seven years, contributing many initiatives to expand their imact, build the team, train on strengths and collaboration and mentor women into leadership roles.

This Leadership Cohort is my chance to give back, to mentor and support other women who are also called to be bold, brave, FIERCE leaders. I can teach you what helped me, what I’ve learned leading teams and organizations into grace-based, strengths-focused cultures; how I’ve learned to use my strengths without apology, show up fully myself, be willing to take on challenges and do scary things.

What can you expect from this Cohort?

3 months of weekly teaching, coaching and conversation around the FIVE components of being a FIERCE leader:

  • F: Freedom from Fear (and doubt, unbelief and negative thoughts)
  • I: Intimacy with God and my Identity and Christ
  • E: Equipped to use my gifts, strengths and talents
  • R: Removing strongholds, mindsets and limiting beliefs
  • C: Communicating with confidence
  • E: Establishing rhythms, practices and inspired actions that prepare and equip you for positions of leadership, influence and impact.

**Follow Up assignments and feedback to help you go deeper and really apply what you are learning

**Access to me (with healthy boundaries) in our private FB group, Messenger and Voxer

**Connection, support and networking with other like-minded leaders

**Official Show Up Fierce Leadership Cohort Certificate of Completion

**One 1:1 Mentoring Session with Sue each month


  • ONE FREE Maximize Your Strengths Session
  • ONE DISCOUNT TICKET & VIP Experience for the Faith & Focus for Kingdom-minded Leaders Event in 2024 (reg. $597)
  • FUN SWAG and Surprises (priceless)

Enrollment for the Show Up Fierce Cohort INCLUDES everything listed above PLUS the FREE bonuses! This is an intimate group, with a maximum of 12 women. So if think this might be for you…don’t hesitate! Reach out, apply today, so I can save you a seat. (Or just message me and I will send you the sign up link asap!)

This is YOUR moment, friend. Take the step. Make the call. Jump in with both feet! God has an amazing future for you…and it includes showing up FIERCE as the leader, influencer and woman he’s created YOU to be!