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Humble Beginnings

I was so excited about our first day of homeschool! I had spent the summer reading every book I could get my hands on—or at least those my public library had on the shelf. I had a field trip downtown planned for the boys and me. We would eat lunch, go to the school supply store, and buy a flag. Little did I know that by Friday I would be dropping them off back at the elementary school.

What happened between Monday and Friday? I lost my nerve. I became scared and discouraged, and none of the plans that I had made, the flag, the beautiful workbooks, the daily schedule, prepared me to overcome my own fear.

One thing I learned over my 18+ years as a homeschooling mom was that the real issues discouraging homeschool moms were rarely homeschool-related. They rarely quit because of educational, financial or even relational issues. Most often their reasons are based on fear, lack of support and even opposition.

The formation of The Homeschool Encourager began more than 20 years ago when I realized what I needed most as a homeschool mom was encouragement. Most homeschool books (at that time) were focused on logistics, curriculum or educational approaches and even learning styles. While these are all helpful topics, they don’t necessarily get at the root issue: our confidence in ourselves and our belief that God has a purpose for our family within the context of homeschooling.

I realized early on that homeschooling was going to be an uphill spiritual and mental battle to keep my fear, doubt and constant second-guessing under control.

And that’s why The Homeschool Encourager was born; and why we are still committed to providing support and resources to homeschooling families. My mission is the same as it was 20 years ago: to help you finish your course…with joy!

I am SO excited to share our crazy stories with you to encourage and inspire you in your own homeschool journey. My sons, now 32 and 25, are anxious to share their memories and experiences with you. You will even get to meet my lovely daughters-in-law and five grandkiddos. Our life is here to serve as an example (both positive and negative!) to help you envision a homeschool life and experience that is everything you want it to be.

I’m glad you found us! Stay in touch and be sure to get my free download when you sign up for our Weekly Word devotional. This comes every Sunday to help you set your intentions and fill you with fresh inspiration for your week.


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