Is your messaging missing the mark?

Is your messaging missing the mark?

I ask this question gently but confidently.

I’ve worked with many leaders and organizations and ministries who have a powerful story to tell…who are sharing and posting on all the platforms…but they are not getting the traction they THINK they should be getting.

They may have an expensive marketing consultant or strategy in place. A “proven” program or person posting content at all the right times in all the right places, and the needle never moves at all.

They may have spent thousands on the latest Facebook ads or boosting posts, and it made little to NO measurable difference!

It’s frustrating to say the least, and quite disheartening, actually, when you are jumping through all the hoops and still no one is coming to your circus!!

I hear you, friend. I have experienced this many times in my career as a communications professional and as the leader of my own ministry.

It can feel like you are shouting into the wind not knowing if ANYONE is paying any attention at all.

Here’s what I’ve learned in my 25+ years in Christian communications and strategic consulting:

the problem usually isn’t the strategy. or the platform. or the people.

Plain and simple, it’s your message. It’s what you are talking about, how you tell your story and how authentically you choose to show up for the world.

Often, we believe we are saying what people want to hear.

Or what the experts tell us we should be saying.

But we forgot ONE very important thing: to be ourselves.

OK-calm down! I know, you are probably saying, seriously, it is NOT that simple.

Ok, I get it. But, what if it was?

What if you ALREADY had everything you need to share the most compelling, true, transformational stories in ways that will genuinely connect with people, touch their hearts and inspire them to take action??

Well, folks, I believe you do. You just need the freedom and the confidence to share your vision, your story, your unique way of seeing and serving the world…uniquely, creatively, and compellingly.

And I can show you how to do it!

I’ve worked with many organizations and leaders and leadership teams and marketing teams over the years, and the answer is ALWAYS the SAME. You increase your visibility and expand your reach in proportion to how authentic, vulnerable and valuable your content is.

In my work with ministries and business owners, I have developed a simple 4-step process that will walk you through how to identify your MOST compelling stories, and how to share them to get results.

I share the FOUR STEPS in my free e-course, STEP UP: Next Level Messaging for Next Level Impact. or 4 Steps to Creating an Irresistible Message for your Ministry. I LOVE sharing this content with leaders because it gives you SO much freedom AND the ability to share with CONFIDENCE and BOLDNESS from your own heart. In ways that connect with the hearts of the people you most want to reach.

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This free email course is a virtual slap in the head (with great love!) that will get you (and your business or organization) moving in the right direction. 

STEP Up will help you articulate your vision, mission, purpose, and story—and ultimately create the language/content you need to take your ministry or business to the next level. 

It’s short and easy-to-digest. (about 5,000 words total.)

It won’t overwhelm you with information. Or pretend you have an extra 10, 20 or more hours a week to start some, new complicated process.

It’s simple, clear and broken into 8 mini-sessions with action steps at the end of each one. (You’ll love it!)

This course will:

  • Help you uncover the hidden “whys” of your mission
  • Tell the real story of your vision authentically and with raw emotion
  • Reveal if you are using the right language to connect with the minds—and hearts—of your intended audience
  • Bring your message into alignment with God’s true purpose for what you are doing
  • Give you hope and encouragement that small steps can make a HUGE difference!

This course will not:

  • Pretend you have an extra 10 (or 20 or 30) hours a week to do this
  • Tell you how to raise a million dollars
  • Replace a Strategic Plan or Marketing Strategy (or even show you how to write one. I’m believing you have that in place. IF NOT, please contact me immediately…)
  • DO it for you—but I do promise to help as much as I can!
  • Show you how to train your dog (I’m still working on that myself…)

Put these proven principles into practice and take your message—and your ministry—from average to irresistible attracting the attention of corporate sponsors, donors, partners, and recipients.

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