Hi, I'm Sue!

Hi, I’m Sue!

Sue Brage, Owner

Thanks for stopping by. If you love honestly, transparency, curiosity and creativity, you are in the right place. My life is an open book, it’s wild, it’s unruly at times, but it’s also beautiful, intentional and hopefully, inspirational to others. I’m here to support other Christian leaders as they craft, create and chase the call of God on their lives. Oh yeah, and have a BLAST doing it.

How Can I help you?

My passion is helping leaders craft and articulate their vision in a way that inspires them and others. I do this in a variety of ways, through my free content, books, courses and coaching.

From the Blog

Confidence ➤ June 10, 2023

From Average to Influencer

You don’t need to be an underdog to be qualified to influence others.  You don’t need to have a rags to riches, rock-bottom to mountain-top experience to make an impact for the kingdom.  There is…

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Oh yeah, I work with videos, too. Cool, huh?