No longer will we stay silent and invisible…

  • As we watch story after story of church leaders, so-called pastors, abusing their power and intimidating women into silence
  • As the Evangelical Church is fracturing and women are leaving in droves–and the younger generations are completely disillusioned with the idea of Christianity
  • As broken and lost people are trying to redefine, reword or even erase what it means to be a woman
  • As the institution of marriage is deteriorating, and trauma, narcissism, and abuse are running rampant
  • As our schools, cities and Target stores are being infiltrated by harmful, some might say “evil” ideologies, agendas and worldviews
  • As we feel more helpless and hopeless with every news story of scandal, controversy,  and political corruption we see

We can’t stand by while an all-out war is being waged against our beliefs, our families, and our futures! Where is the outrage, the anger, the action?

It’s up to us, friends. WE are the solution the world, and the Church, need. Only as we all step up and speak out will people experience the love and compassion of Jesus. It takes each of us leading in our gifts and supporting one another in the call and purposes and assignments God has for us! 

The Woman on a Mission Manifesto is a great place to start.

The Woman on a Mission Manifesto helps you define and articulate what you stand for as a leader, who we are as a tribe, and how God is calling us to lead in this specific season. 

You have big dreams, people you want to help, causes that move you to tears, and situations you feel compelled to change.You have things you want to accomplish and places you want to go and, yes, a legacy of influence and impact you want to leave behind. 

The only thing standing between you and that inspired vision is fear: fear you aren’t qualified, called, competent; fear that you just don’t have what it takes! The Woman on a Mission Manifesto will put ALL those fears to rest once and for all. 

No longer will you be the victim of insecurity, imposter syndrome or invisibility. You will rise up, speak up and show up for the people and causes you care about.

NOW is your time, friend! Take this first step and let’s start the movements and lead the tribes who will change the face of Christianity in one generation.