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You can live fear-free!

2020 has been a difficult year in many ways. The thing I have heard most from people, and mostly Jesus-people!, is the struggle to not give in to fear. Over a series of months, we’ve looked at what God has to say about fear in this season and the strategies he’s given to walk fear-free and remain in a place of trust, faith and positive expectation.

The phrase I felt the Lord use was to “dethrone fear.” The enemy has tried to establish a stronghold, or “throne” of fear here in the seen realm. That’s why this sense of fear has been so thick and palpable at times.

As Christ followers, we are not subject to this spirit of fear! We can resist and refuse it, because we know it is already defeated by the blood of Jesus. Not only can we rise above the enemy’s strategy, we can influence others to come out from under it. It’s actually our responsibility as sons and daughters–and we have the authority to do this. 

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