Sue Brage is a prophetic voice of encouragement, faith and clarity, shifting women’s paradigms about intimacy with God, their true identity in Christ, and the influence they are called to carry.

25 years ago, with little to no formal education, Sue started a ministry for homeschooling parents when she was still home with her sons. She learned to do everything from web development, email marketing, writing, and strategic planning. Eventually Sue began working professionally in communications and non-profit leadership, marketing and communications and strategic, creative and development planning.

As a bold, fun-loving, transparent leader, Sue shares openly and honestly about the challenges of being a woman of influence. Her books, courses and podcast are “a breath of fresh air” in the stuffy, stale environments Christian women often find themselves in. ombining her background in communication, team development and leadership with endless creativity, proven strategic thinking and practical teaching, Sue isn’t like other teachers you’ve met before!

Sue’s mission is to release women from limiting beliefs, cultural expectations and bad theology and rise to new levels of freedom, influence and abundance!

Sue is from Nebraska, but currently resides in Colorado.