Hi, I’m SUE!

Hi, I’m SUE!

Empowering women through online education, encouragement and connection.

Once upon a time I made a decision: To be a voice of faith, clarity and encouragement in an increasingly noisy and negative world.

Sue Brage

In my 20+ years serving in ministry and leadership, I have lived by this core truth: the way to actually influence people is through transparency, honesty, genuine relationships and generosity.

Whether you lead an organization, or are an entrepreneur, coach, preacher, teacher or influencer, to truly make a difference, you must lead from a place of honesty and humility.

That’s what you will get in me, my friend…an honest, open, and deeply encouraging friend.

One who has been around, seen some things, persevered through others, who knows what it takes to be a Christian woman called to lead.

And every resource, teaching, word and work is created with this sense of loving encouragement and bold courage to remind you that you are right where you are supposed to be, that your gifts, talents (and quirky personality) are BY DESIGN, and that God is not done with you, yet.

My call to equip the saints for the work of their ministry resonates throughout my free Facebook community, my premium membership, my courses, encounters and events, and the books I write and resources I create.

Because I genuinely believe in you.

I’ve been waiting and praying for you. I’ve been dreaming of the day when we would finally connect and you would finally feel and hear and experience a deeper sense of God’s presence and purpose in your life.

You get the “real me”

If you are new to my world, you will see that I show up and share…

*on the good days and the tough ones;

*on the good hair days and the hat ones;

*when I can’t stop smiling and when I can barely keep from crying (or cussing or screaming!)

The process to becoming a transparent leader can be painful. (That’s why so few actually do it.) The healing, the process, the growth it’s taken for me to finally be willing to pull back my skin and show you my heart has been excruciating.

But through it all, the reward has been oh, so worth it. And my goal is to help you walk through this process with courage and hope and faith as you become an authentic, genuine leader in the space and sphere God has called you to.

My hope for for my tribe, for my online communities and influence is that we would experience a genuine, sincere desire to go deeper; with each other and more importantly with God and ourselves.

A Ministry of Encouragement

God told me once that the ministry of encouragement is not a “less than” ministry. It is of the highest service, the highest value, for those who benefit from it. I am not apologetic that my main calling is to encourage, to inspire, to influence through positive principles and God-based truth.

So, if that sounds good to you, I encourage you to read on.

I can be your greatest supporter and a very practical (and spiritual) resource for you as you create your dreams, chase your purpose and design a life you love!

I believe in you,


Sue’s Official BIO

As a bold, fun-loving, transparent leader, Sue shares openly and honestly about the challenges of being a woman of influence. Combining her background in communication, team development and leadership with endless creativity, proven strategic thinking and practical teaching, Sue isn’t like other teachers you’ve met before!

25 years ago, Sue started a ministry for homeschooling parents while she was still home with her sons. She learned to do everything from web development, email marketing, writing, product development and strategic planning.

Eventually Sue began working in nonprofit communications and leadership for several well-known Christian organizations. Her passion for raising up women leaders, healthy grace-based cultures and strengths-based leadership drives her to mentor women in all professions and industries. She loves supporting faith-based business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and writers with the skills and strategies they need to develop platforms, find their people and build significant influence and income.

Married for nearly 40-years as high-school sweethearts, Sue and her husband, Mark have two married sons, two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren. Her vision is to build an organization and legacy that will enrich their lives, enhance the body of Christ, empower the women she serves and encourage others to go after their God-given dreams!

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    The BLOG

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