Hi, I’m SUE!

Hi, I’m SUE!

Author. Entrepreneur. Unicorn.

How fun that you’ve stopped by my blog! In this noisy, noisy world, I consider it an honor that you chose to check me out. (not in a weird way…)

In the overly-saturated world of social mania, figuring out which voices to listen to and believe can be frustrating.

I feel the same way.

I’ve trusted people and programs before, only to find out it was mostly smoke and mirrors. In all reality, it’s easy to pop up a profile, create polished posts and graphics and links and sound like an expert or an “influencer.” It’s not even all that hard to convert or purchase (or fool) tons of followers.

But here’s what I’ve learned in 20+ years of Christian communications, the way to actually influence people is through transparency, honesty, genuine relationships and generosity. If the people you see or follow on social do not exhibit these traits, use your discretion in how much time and/or money you invest.


relational over transactional

personal over polished

humble over haughty

integrity over importance

real over rah-rah

OK, I think you get the idea.

When it comes to online connections and coaching, we need to be discerning. We need to be willing to look past the pretty profiles and dig for substance. There are many right-hearted, well-motivated leaders on every platform. But it can be hard to tell at times, especially if we stay at the surface-level.

My hope for this site, for my tribe and for my online influence, is that we would sense genuine, sincere desire to go deeper; with each other and more importantly with God and ourselves.

God told me once that the ministry of encouragement is not a “less than” ministry. It is of the highest service, the highest value, for those who benefit from it. I am not apologetic that my main calling is to encourage, to inspire, to influence through positive principles and God-based truth.

So, if that sounds good to you, I encourage you to read on.

I can be your greatest supporter and a very practical (and spiritual) resource for you as you create your dreams, chase your purpose and design a life you love!

I believe in you,


Sue’s Official BIO

As a bold, fun-loving, transparent leader, Sue shares openly and honestly about the challenges of being a woman of influence. Combining her background in communication, team development and leadership with endless creativity, proven strategic thinking and practical teaching, Sue isn’t like other teachers you’ve met before!

25 years ago, with little to no formal education, Sue started a ministry for homeschooling parents when she was still home with her sons. She learned to do everything from web development, email marketing, writing, product development and strategic planning.

Eventually Sue began working in nonprofit communications and leadership for several well-known Christian organizations. Her passion for raising women into leadership, healthy grace-based cultures and strengths-based leadership drives her to mentor women in all professions and industries. She loves supporting faith-based business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and writers with the skills and strategies they need to develop platforms, find their people and build significant influence and income.

Married for nearly 40-years as high-school sweethearts, Sue and her husband, Mark have two sons, daughters (il) and 5 grandchildren. Her vision is to build an organization and legacy that will enrich their lives, enhance the body of Christ, empower the women she serves and encourage others to go after their God-given dreams!

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