Should men and women share a bathroom??

Sitting in the Starbucks this morning…actually inspired to write something, about bathrooms.

I’m noticing a trend. In fact I’ve seen it several times on vacation in CA and here in CO. It’s a movement toward more collaborative bathroom environments.

No more mens and womens. Just generic private restrooms with shared handwashing stations. It’s different, for sure.

I actually love this for several reasons…

First, it removes all the need to decide which bathroom you belong in, or who is going to be there. it sort of side-steps the whole which gender belongs where, and who identifies with which sort of experience (or urinal)…not to mention, who hasn’t used the men’s room when the women’s is full??

But secondly and more importantly, and why we should care, is that is it another step forward in dissolving cultural segregation between men and women. I’m not talking about gender confusion or sexual identity here. I’m talking about Men and Women learning to be comfortable sharing the same spaces, breaking down fear and steroetypes of who can be friends, and who can’t.

I know, this is the weirdest post I’ve ever written. But there is a picture here that we need to grab hold of.

Men and women can co-exist. In society. In the church. In the workplace. We can learn to partner, lead, laugh and be in relationships that are NOT based on sex. Regardless of what Harry told Sally, men and women can–and SHOULD–learn to be friends.

I don’t know what’s behind the Matt Chandler issue, but I do know the message that is being sent: friendship, or any relationship outside of marriage, between men and women is dangerous.

I could rant on this for WAY longer than I need to in this strange post about shared bathroom sinks.

But here’s the gist, women and men need to learn to share, to wash our hands in the same sinks, to use the same mirrors, and help each other out in all sorts of settings. To imply that there is a sexual component whenever women are around is just plain demeaning.

And it’s robbing the Body of Christ of incredible power, love and partnership that would happen if and when men and women are encouraged to intermingle, to work together and to see one another as co-equals with the wisdom and maturity to co-exist.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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