Encouragement Faith

Your weakness. My strength.

You think this current hardship is exposing your weakness; but in reality, it is revealing your strength. 

You are weary. Worn-out. From the waiting and the weight and the worry. 

The stress is catching up with you and your physical body needs rest. 

Your mind needs rest. 

Your soul needs rest. 

Again, you think this need for rest is a sign of weakness. 

Daughter, you may not understand where this belief comes from, but it is not from me. My heart for you is rest. And peace. And joy. 

Even in the midst. In the middle. In the mess. 

This is where you need—and find––the deepest sense of calm and stability and strength. Right in the middle of it all. 

And, no, it doesn’t matter how you ended up in the mess; who’s fault it was, if it was self-inflicted or self-sabotage or self-denial; all that matters is that my peace surpasses ALL understanding…or lack of understanding. 

My peace is present, in every circumstance. 

The distraction of what’s happening in the world and in your own mind is the only thing between you and an incredible place of stillness and security and stability and serenity now. 

Inhale my peace…my strength…my presence. 

Exhale…the worry…the weight…the weariness. 

Again. And again. 

Let me be your source and strength especially in this season of chaos and confusion. And when you are knocked down, it is not weakness but strength that enables you to rest, regroup and then, get right back up again. 

I’m proud of you, Daughter. Reconnect with my still, gentle voice and let the noise and news and mindless chatter of the world go. My voice is calm. My words are sweet. My presence is the peace, joy and strength you are looking for. 

Let go of yesterday…and all the choices and challenges of all the yesterdays and start fresh. You know in this that this is my greatest gift: that my mercies are new every morning. Let my mercy be your strength and my faithfulness your refuge. 

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