What you pay for you pay attention to

What you pay for you pay attention to. 

I have found this to be 100% true. In my own life and in the lives of my clients. 

Most people get this. What you invest in has a greater impact. It’s kind of like, what was that I heard one time? … oh yeah, sowing and reaping. 

So, why is it that church people seem to have the biggest problem with something costing money? 

I mean if we have to shell out $10 for a ticket to anything, we freak out! What kind of ministry is this that demands we actually pay for the content or experience? There is almost a distrust of anyone who insists on being paid for their services, time or content. 

I need to be blunt today, friends. We have it back-ass-wards. We should be the most willing and most gracious when it comes to investing in kingdom services that will actually change our lives. 

Even Paul was annoyed by this. in 1 Corinthians 9, he says If we’ve sowed many spiritual gifts among you, is it too much to expect to reap material gifts from you? And if you have supported others, don’t we rightfully deserve this privilege even more? 

I wonder if we actually do ourselves a disservice by all the free content we share, here, there and everywhere! I mean, why would anyone buy the cow if they can get the milk for free! 

Now, I do understand the principle of sowing and reaping applies to the content creators, too. So, we continue to sow loads of free content expecting to reap loads of connections or opportunities…or income. 

We may sow patiently for years, waiting for someone to wake up one day and thinking, “Hey, I think I’ll pay Mary for all the ways she’s sown into my life all these years!” 

If this has happened, could you share right now in the comments? I’ll wait……..

Oh right, it doesn’t happen. 

Because there are loads of people unwilling to invest, to sow, to pay for anything, especially on the internet. Why would they when there is so much free content available?

(I can’t believe I’m about to say this…) but they cruise around, like party-crashers, going from group to group, free challenge to free challenge, eating off of each open buffet they find, getting full (and growing fat) with knowledge but never actually acting on anything or reaping the rewards they so desire. 

Why? Because they haven’t been willing to invest; not in us, but in themselves! 

Not only are they undervaluing the gifts and value of the teachers, coaches and leaders they follow; they are undervaluing the gifts God put in THEM! 

And this is really the biggest issue with this lack-mindset. As we continue to feed people for free, we are doing them a disservice. We are not being honest with them about the price and the prize of investing all we have into the kingdom, in the form of investing in ourselves. 

Every coach I’ve ever worked with was working with other coaches ALL THE TIME. We invest thousands of dollars into our own coaching, training and development and then, allow others to gain from our hard-earned wisdom without investing one thing, not money, not time, not commitment, not relationship, 

It’s mind-boggling. 

Now, I know, this is such a risky post to write. But it’s an honest one. 

Coaches, business leaders, ministers and prophets, we must stop doing such a disservice to the body of Christ by throwing our valuable, spiritual, transformational content all over social media and the interwebs thinking we are helping people. 

We are not helping people if they think they can stop by, devour what we have, leave their opinions and comments and move on.

That somehow, this is how the kingdom works. 

It’s not.

Kingdom is relationship. Kingdom is honor. Kingdom is generous. Kingdom is wisdom and truth. 

This is a significant shift that needs to happen, for those giving the content and those consuming it. We need to stop over-consuming and over-sharing so that real relationships can grow and we can actually help people find the transformation they are desperately looking for.

Let’s start today… 

  • Refuse to undervalue your gifts and the gifts of others. 
  • Engage in real relationships in the groups you’re in (and maybe this means you need to minimize the actual groups and people you follow). 
  • Choose to invest in one person who has helped you or in the course, book or program that is exactly what you need to go to the next level in your own life. 
  • Be selective about how and where you share and consume free content.
  • Consider if perhaps you are spreading yourself too thin, or sharing content with the public that actually belongs to your people. 
  • Continue to be generous with your content, but always be mindful of who you are called to help and what you are here to do. Constantly posting and grooming your audience may not always be the best use of your time.

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