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Is coaching the new party plan business??

Back in the day, women loved party plans.

Many women (not ALL women, of course, I’m generalizing here) love the opportunity to:

  • connect with other women
  • share ideas, promote products (and solutions) they believe in
  • have access to an actual business model without needing a loan or investor
  • create an income and hopefully financial security
  • be flexible and have an outlet for their own creativity
  • and yes, have parties!

I mean, who wouldn’t LOVE all this?! It ticks SO many boxes.

And yes, I was one of those women. A coach challenged me to think about how every experience contributed to who I am and why I am now passionate to help women in leadership and business. Every story and season plays a part!

So join me for a quick trip down memory lane…

My first party plan was with a company called, Christmas Around the World. It was perfect for me. I loved Christmas. And parties. So, my 22 year-old-self (with two kids under 3) started booking shows and selling products. To be honest, I’m not sure if I made any money. But I learned that I could actually create a business on my terms, that worked for my family and my interests.

I’m sure there were several in between, but the next significant company was called, Happy Things. (No it wasn’t sex toys!! Clean it up ladies…) They sold handcrafted wood and pottery items. I sold for this Colorado-based company while I still lived in Nebraska. I felt so worldly having colleagues in another state. Anyway, I still have some of the pieces and I learned that people LOVE to follow a quality brand or product that is different, unique and creative.

Ok, rounding off my list with the plan I worked the longest and which made me known as “The Basket Lady.” I sold baskets and home organization solutions. (that’s what they called it instead of just baskets…!) Man I LOVED this business. It had all the elements. We even sold wallpaper so I did some small interior design projects for clients (what I actually did: redecorated the church bathroom. LOL) It was fun and I learned that it felt good to be known for something. And to solve people’s challenges with creative ideas.

I’m seeing some trends, aren’t you? (and if you were ever on this track, I challenge you to do just what I’m doing and realize the valuable business and personal skills you developed. And to see that NOTHING is ever wasted in an entreprenuer’s journey!)

For one, I had FUN doing it. We need to be having FUN, and doing work we LOVE and that matters to us. This is baseline. We cannot accept less than this for any reason! God didn’t put us on the planet to hate our work…or our lives for that matter.

I wanted to work on my terms and have the freedom to build the business I wanted. This is still a huge WHY for me, and for a lot of women pursuing coaching businesses.

And no, I don’t believe coaching is the next party plan, but there certainly are a lot of similarities if you look closely. Faith-based entreprenuers still want to:

  • provide solutions
  • bring transformation
  • connect with people
  • have control and freedom in our businesses
  • and believe we are making someone’s life better.

As a creative coach, I’m THRILLED to be able to help women in this same way today! As a teacher, I LOVE bringing fresh strategies and insight to my clients. As an entrepreneur, leader and creative, I LIVE to create tangible expressions of the kingdom that draw people closer to Jesus and to their purpose.

Wow, I did not mean for this to become the story of Sue. But you know what? It’s good to look back once in a while and remember where we came from, how we got here and what motivates us.

I can’t wait to hear your story of how your life, experiences and gifting have led you to where you are today and where you dream of going in the future! If I can support you in your current adventure, be sure to book a breakthrough call with me!

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