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Unicorns Unite!

“How does it feel being the only unicorn on the team?” 

To be honest, when my boss asked me that a few years ago, I got teary. 

Not because I was sad or sorry I was a unicorn, but because he was one of the few people who saw me for who I was and didn’t think my weaknesses made me, well, weak. Instead he was looking at my strengths, the way God wired me and the huge capacity he put within me.

He was recognizing that being the one creative, strategic rebel (ok, my word, not his) on the team might have caused me some grief over the years.

He was right.

And it felt amazing and validating to have him acknowledge it, especially in front of my peers.

The reality was I have often felt like the only unicorn in the room. I’ve often felt like I don’t quite fit in. Like I am the strange one with a horn, a misunderstood misfit.

I’m sure many of you can relate.

Whether it’s our personalities, our giftings, the very fact that we are women who are called to lead, to make a difference, to ruffle a few feathers. All these things can contribute to feeling out of place or as if something is “wrong” with us.That is not a fun place to be.

Honestly, this is a what pushes SO many women back into the shadows. They learn to hide from their own giftedness, because they feel like a unicorn in a field of pretty little ponies.

We’ve learned the more we stand out, the more threatened, judgy and fearful others get. So we decide it’s easier to shrink back and hide our unicorn-ness.

I mean, we don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable or even worse, have to explain ourselves, ask for permission or fight for the right just to be a unicorn.

It’s just easier to pretend we are ponies. Miserable, unhappy, unfulfilled ponies.

Ponies are tame. Not scary. Easy to pet, ride and contain. They are gentle, sweet and pretty.

Unicorns are amazing…and scary. They have that fierce horn and probably fire-red eyes, powerful wings and rainbow fur. They fly free, and may even be unpredictable.

And in reality, because so few have ever seen one, they produce fear in others just thinking about it!

Do you ever feel like the one that doesn’t fit, the woman who is broken or built wrong? Perhaps you wished you talked less or more quietly. Or wished you fit the traditional, cultural mold we’ve been told women are to fill.

Perhaps you’ve been misjudged, misunderstood and even mistreated because leaders, friends, other women, weren’t sure what to do with you and your ideas.

I’m sorry that happened. I know how hurtful that can be. 

So what’s a gorgeous, powerful unicorn to do? What’s an anointed, appointed, called and set apart woman to do?

Fly. Fly little unicorn, fly. 

Forgive the cheesiness.

But you know who you are. You, powerful, beautiful, unique woman of God. You have felt as if you are the problem.

Hear the Father’s heart: You are exactly who you are, quirks and all, BY DESIGN. By. Design.

He planned you perfectly, on purpose and for a purpose. It’s time to go where you are celebrated for all of your gifts, and never where you are only tolerated.

You are a huge gift to the body of Christ, whether others have realized it or not. It’s time to step out of the shadows and put the gifts, greatness and God in you on display!

Friends, I believe in you!

And God connected us so I can help you discover and develop your gifts and walk in the fullness of his purpose and calling. I am here to see you, empower you and encourage you.

Friend, if you feel like you are in the shadows and hiding your true gifts and greatness…let’s connect and explore how God might be calling us to partner together to make it happen!

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