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It’s time to clear some clutter

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world; the clutter, the chaos, the consumption, the confusion and chaos. And also the creativity, ideas and activation (impatience). We must CLEAR both spaces, the inner and the outer. Pursue the quiet, the clutter-free, the clear.

It’s time to clear some clutter.

I mean, if you came to my place today, you would see what I mean. It’s an ongoing process as we continue downsizing possessions, the past, the pieces of furniture handed-down with the expectation that they remain “in the family”…I could go on. But I’m guessing most of you can relate. And then some!

It’s not actually my point, but I was thinking about this and how every year we add to our possession pile without making adequate space (like by removing items in the same proportion we bring them in…). If we do this for enough years, we begin to look like candidates for the next episode of Hoarders!

Here’s the thing: most of us are doing this internally as well. We are accumulating hurts, painful memories, trauma, unforgiveness, even small disappointments and conflicts can add to the volume of emotional stockpile we have going on inside.

There have to be moments of release.

This is one of those moments!

This is your moment to let go of ALL the things crowding out your peace, joy and awareness of Jesus.

It’s a “less of me, more of you” moment.

At least it was for me this morning.

Suddenly I became SO aware of how crowded my heart and mind had become. There was barely room for Jesus to move much at all. I had him pinned in a corner behind the latest pile of stuff I’d let in.

Stuff I’ve been hanging on to, not even consciously, which is why this is such a powerful moment.

We don’t always realize the source of our discomfort, what we try to describe as “distance.”

Yet as we begin to empty our...

  • minds
  • hearts
  • memories
  • wants
  • expectations
  • goals
  • dreams
  • disappointments
  • past pain and trauma…

Suddenly we can breathe again. We can sense his presence again.

In the emptying things begin to become clear again. The noise quiets. The chaos stops.

This is your moment, too, friend. As you release everything you’ve been carrying this week (or this month or year!), you will find the space you need to connect with him. To know once again, that in him you move and breathe and have your being.

This is a place of sweet surrender. When all you want is him. And you let EVERYTHING else go.

It’s freeing. And oh so needed right now.

I give you permission to have your moment, friend. Let this song lead you through the surrender and into a new place in his presence. Amen.

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