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[Prophetic Word] The race is yours to run; the pace is yours to set.

Daughter, are you willing to pick it up and push yourself to be uncomfortable, out of breath, out of control? Because this is necessary to run at the level you desire, the level I have called you to run at.

Trust me, the women I’ve called you to are ready.

They will connect and they will respond. As you continue to follow my leading and my agenda, sharing and loving and putting yourself out there, they will find you. Your activity level, energy and pace will attract them to your life. But the pace you set is the pace with which they will respond. 

Your energy is the key to open the doors, attract the people, the help, the results you see. But to rise to that level, you must run at a different pace. You must think and believe, live and act from a higher, better place. 

Saturate yourself with the vision, with where you are going, with my word and my promises. Fill your mind and your days with constant visualization and expectation of what is already yours. This is my plan for you. This is how my word accomplishes what I send it forth to do. In your hands, you hold the power to create; yes wealth, but also results, transformation, activation. You hold the power to set the pace for connection, increase, success. You have the power to activate this in others, to impart to them the anointing to hear, to see, to create, to prosper at incredible levels. 

Your ability to see and to hear, to dream and to manifest, is an amazing gift to the people you are called to, and to my Body. I am so excited to release you in new circles, I can hardly sit still. I know what a gift you will be to my people. And I am ready to unwrap you, to promote you, to position you, in order that my gifts and goodness in you can be seen and valued. All for my glory. People will weep in joy and gratitude as you come into their worlds and speak life. You will speak the words they have been dying to hear, the truth they have been waiting for. The word and the message I put in you for this exact moment in time. 

But YOU must decide to RUN. 

This race is yours to run; the pace is yours to set. All of heaven, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Me, all poised and ready. “She’s all yours.” Which means, it’s yours to run or not. It’s yours to move swiftly or slowly. Confidently or haltingly. There is no in-between. There is no middle ground. All in or not moving. This is not a harsh consequence, but an incredible opportunity. I have set before you life and death, poverty or prosperity, the status quo or the supernatural. I know what you have chosen. Do you? And are you running like you know? 

It. Is. Time. There is no going back, nothing to go back to. Doors are beginning to close only so you will be forced to look ahead to new, bigger and better barns. The small opportunities where you have invested so much of yourself and your gifts were for a brief season. But your gifts are for a higher purpose, to serve the kingdom at a scale you can hardly imagine. To scale to that place requires a faster pace. But you are ready. We are ready. It. Is. Time. 

Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

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