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[Prophetic Word] Could you just choose to show grace to yourself today? 

Recently I was having a rough morning. I have a lot on my mind and my plate at the moment, and I was very frustrated with how I had been feeling and responding to some situations.

As I was thinking about this, the Lord spoke very plainly to me: Could you just choose to show grace to yourself today? 

In that moment I realized, most of my stress and discomfort was being caused by my lack of grace and compassion…toward myself! Can anyone relate?

As I listened, the Father had some kind words for me, but also for you:

Can you just choose to show grace to yourself today? 

Can you recognize how hard you are being on yourself? Especially when you feel undisciplined, unsuccessful or unproductive? 

Instead of accusing, can you accept where you are without blame and rejection?

I want to use every emotional, physical, financial and relational up and down to help you…what if these rough moments help you relate to your tribe and bring fresh revelation; wouldn’t that be good? 

Wouldn’t being a human be good? 

I see the real-life things you are walking through. 

Actual reasons your brain and heart might feel heavy. And yet you demand more of yourself. You demand perfect performance, even in the midst of all of this? 

I don’t. You are perfect and accepted in every situation. Really, I don’t even see it that way. I see my cherished, chosen daughter walking through some challenges on earth; persevering and pushing back darkness and demonic strongholds at the same time. 

I feel proud and pleased every day when you wake up determined and open and willing, regardless of how you feel inside. You see the end from the beginning. You are already leading and carrying and caring for those I’m entrusting you with…with such love and compassion. 

I know your heart! Your desire to fulfill your destiny and lift others up. It’s what fuels you. It is the pain behind the frustration and seeming lack of progress.

At times, you are still seeing things in the natural. Stay focused on heaven’s reality and the delight that comes when our desires are fulfilled. 

And please, daughter, give yourself the grace you show others every day!

Your self-rejection is actually the cause of the suffering and frustration. You have no tolerance for what you see as weakness or inconsistency in yourself. 

Show yourself kindness, love and compassion. Honor yourself for who you are and how you stick with it day after day after day after day. 

Show yourself the honor you deserve. See yourself as I do, as others do. 

The glory on your life is evident in how you persevere, in how you continue to show up.

Glory in that, glory in me, glory in me in you. For you carry my glory, Daughter. The cloud never moves from your life. It is not dependent on you or how you perceive your performance or yourself.

My love is eternal, my grace is sufficient.

And you are a beautiful expression of my heart on this earth.

Never forget that, Child. 

Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

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