prophetic words

It’s Time to Go Higher!

The Father shared this word with me a few weeks back as I was preparing to share with my coaching group. Such a powerful word, inviting and urging us to come up higher, dream bigger and believe for more than we ever thought possible!! I encourage you to hear his voice today and respond with a resounding “YES!”

You asked what I wanted to do today. This is it. I want to speak to my Bride’s heart. To declare a new season, not only of ascension, resurrection and triumph, but of surrender, intimacy and union. These three remain the cornerstones to an ascended, expanded life. 

I will never push past your point of surrender. Your invitation and active response is necessary. 

When I offered you my hand yesterday, it was up to you to take it. You did, willingly. And yet, there are places in your heart holding you back. These limits you put on yourself, on me, on the universe. “It can’t be this way,” you think, and yet, it is! It is all true, all good, all too good to be true! 

Remember–you are operating out of a finite mind, but my mind is limitless. There is no end to what I can think, see or imagine. This is what I’m inviting you into. There is much to be explored and discovered; worlds and realms and realities so FAR BEYOND your current capacity, you will be ASTOUNDED. 

I cherish your YES, Child, because I know what this unlocks, what this sets in motion. I cherish your willingness to see me as I truly am, in ALL of my glory, and not hold back. I long to show you every treasure, every dimension, every reality that is beyond your current comprehension. For this is who you are and what you were created for. 

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