See His Light in Dark Places

And this Light never fails to shine through darkness—Light that darkness could not overcome. (John 1:5)

Are you in a dark season today, friend? Unfortunately, in life, we are often faced with situations that feel so dark, so hopeless, so overwhelming that it seems all we see is darkness. I hope this won’t relate to everyone reading this morning, but I’m certain it will speak to many of us. Life is a journey, one that we cannot control or change as much as we might wish we could. 

As I was reflecting on this this morning, God brought me to Ephesians 5: Now you have the very light of our Lord shining through you because of your union with him. Your mission is to live as children flooded with his revelation-light. And the supernatural fruits of his light will be seen in you–goodness, righteousness and truth. (Ephesians 5:8-9) 

This phrase, we have the very Light of our Lord shining in us, was highlighted to me, so I want to share some thoughts on this. As we live in union with Jesus, his light illuminates every situation, it brings light to life’s dark moments, it reveals and guides. In the natural, light give us the ability to see where we are and where to go, it protects us from harm, and it brings comfort and security. 

Light was the first thing God created. He knew how much we would need it. His light is the promise that we would not live in darkness (sin, confusion, chaos, depression, grief or even death) but in absolute light.

Darkness may surround us, or even invade us for a season, but that is not our true state. Our true life is filled with the light of Christ; light that brings not only understanding, wisdom and direction; but comfort, sight, safety and security. We need to draw on this light when life is dark; when we lose our ability to see a way through or the pain and pressure is too much to bear. 

Like a child in need of comfort who cries for the light to be on, our Heavenly Father releases his brilliant light into our darkest hour. This light actually lives in us and we live in the light. This light, that darkness cannot overcome will never be extinguished, regardless of what we see or feel. 

Yes, trials, disappointment and heartbreak can cloud our ability to see and feel his light, but it is here nonetheless. What a comfort to know that his Light shines on in the darkness, in us, and through us, and with us. 

Thank you for your light, Jesus. Thank you that we have the very light of heaven IN us. I call on that light to guide us through even the darkest seasons, to bring comfort, security, peace and even understanding and guidance. For those who in a dark season of the soul, let them be flooded with your revelation-light and experience the goodness of your presence. Let them experience your light that comforts them each night, your mercy that give them rest, your peace that passes all understanding and your love that never fails. Even in times of grief, remind us that your light brings hope, that you are our hope. Amen. 

Verses for Further Reflection

So I’m thanking you with all my heart, with gratitude for all you’ve done. For you have saved my feet from stumbling so that I can walk before the Lord bathed in his life-giving light. (Psalms 56:12-13)

For he sows seeds of light within his devoted lovers, and seeds of joy burst forth for the lovers of God! (Psalm 97:11)

Seek more of his strength! Seek more of him! Let’s always be seeking the light of his face. (Psalm 105:4)

Then we cried out, “Lord, help us! Rescue us!” And he did! His light broke through the darkness and he led us out in freedom from death’s dark shadow and snapped every one of our chains. So lift your hands and give thanks to God for his marvelous kindness and for his miracles of mercy for those he loves! (Psalms 107:13-15)

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