Bring your tired hands

I need to stop writing to you from my breakfast bar surrounded by dishes! HA! I guess you know you are free to read this surrounded by your own mess, if you have one! 

Today, I want to remind us that worship doesn’t have to be some formal, hyper-spiritual exercise. It doesn’t have to happen only when church is “on” or we are dressed in our Sunday best. It really is a come-as-you-are sort of party! These days, every day is a come as you are party, isn’t it??

(Ok, quick quiz, when was the last time you wore jeans or pants with a zipper?! Can’t remember? Yeah, me either…overrated.) 

We can worship, just like we can pray, anytime, anywhere as long as we turn our focus on God. This really is the only requisite. You can come happy, sad, angry, confused, tired, lonely, bored. It really doesn’t matter. God is delighted when we choose to worship, especially when we don’t feel like it! 

Listen to Hebrews 12:12: So be made strong even in your weakness by lifting up your tired hands in prayer and worship.

How good is that?!

Bring your tired hands, your weary heart and just love on the Lord for a little bit. You don’t have to get a breakthrough, or hear angels, or even feel any different! Although I’m betting you will feel differently after spending some time with him. 

This reminds me of a song by Jenn Johnson called, A Little Longer. I love the heart of this song and the encouragement to just spend some time in his presence. Maybe it will speak to your heart today…

Love you friends,


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