Are you ready?

This is an important question, friend! It’s important for several reasons. First, God is letting us know that there is a new season happening, right now. A new season of intimacy with Jesus, living in our true identity in Him and walking in more influence and impact that we could even imagine! This new season …

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Carrying the mother heart of God

Lately, I’ve been hearing Abba talk to me about spiritual mothering. Honestly, I think he is issueing a call to many of us in this season to become spiritual mothers. Some of us, like Sarah, are past “childbearing years” and yet, he is calling us to be mothers again (or perhaps, for the first time!). He is asking us to nurture a new generation of young women, to model intimacy with Jesus and live out the supernatural in a way that inspires and instructs others. And this call is not one to take lightly. In fact, it comes with all the pain and burden of having a mother’s heart.

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