Confidence Encouragement

What Would Delight You Today?

Coming to you today from the middle of my dirty kitchen. So. many. dishes. I don’t understand how two people can create such a mess! I don’t envy you with a houseful of little ones, or worse, teenagers! (at least not from a cleaning perspective.) I don’t know about you, but I am tired. 

I know we talked about this last week a little in the email on endurance. But for some reason it is coming up again today. Maybe because I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have so many directions I want to go, things I want to do–ya know, with all this “extra” time we have being home! You know, the Bible studies, books I’m finally going to read, online webinars on how to be more productive at home (!), the side hustle we are going to start. I’m just excited I got dressed this morning. 

(Side note, Mark came into the bedroom and commented I smelled good this morning. I had just used the body spray I use when I don’t take a shower! I told him, “No, it smells like failure. And shame.” I’m sure someone can relate…I hope!) 

My favorite social media post this week was simple. It was a permission slip giving us permission to rest, to process, to just deal. This was refreshing to my striving soul. I’m sensing a lot of self-effort, expectation and even self-judgment that we should be more: motivated, disciplined, inspiring, strong…the list goes on. 

My dear sister, can I tell you something? That’s not God’s voice. If there is even a hint of accusation, condemnation or lack of grace–that is not your Father’s voice. Plain and simple. 

Hey-I’m all for chasing goals and making the most of every opportunity! But I believe there are things happening around us, yes, even in the spirit realm, that are adding unrealized pressure, stress and are wearing us down. We may not even be aware of it happening. I’m not advocating that we just give up or give in. I am saying, let’s take a break. Breathe. Recognize how much additional work has been added to our plates. (Literally-just look at my kitchen!) Then forgive yourself and ask the Lord what is on his agenda for you today. You may be surprised at what is on his mind compared to yours! 

The only verse that connected with me this morning was this: Delight yourself also in the Lord,

And He shall give you the desires of your heart (Proverbs 37:4); a verse we can all quote I’m sure. But what if, all God is asking us to do today–is to delight in Him? Delight means to take great pleasure in, to find contentment and satisfaction in, to receive joy, amusement and entertainment from. That sounds more fun than cleaning my kitchen! (Ok enough about my dishes. I will do them when I’m done writing this.) 

What sounds fun to you today? What would amuse or cheer you…or entertain you? Why not do that? Or at least start there and see what happens. I know this is a very different message today, one I’m wondering if I should even send! Yet, I think the message is so important! Yes, God wants us to chase our dreams and to accomplish things in the earth…but he also wants to care for his daughters. He wants to see you smile, laugh and enjoy your life. Take this challenge and do something you really enjoy today. Tell God you are doing it in love for him…choosing to delight in him as an act of worship. 

What am I doing today? I created a “Throwback Worship” playlist with old Hillsong music! I’m having a blast singing these old songs. See what you can come up with. Note, a nap, a luxurious cup of tea or coffee or even a quiet glass of wine is just fine. (Maybe later, though…) Hope this helps today!