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A House of Worship

This week, I really feel like the Lord is urging us to press into worship and invite his presence into our homes, even more. This started stirring last week when a very vivid picture came to my mind. In the picture, my house was completely filled with God’s presence. I could see music playing as we were praying and worshipping. The whole house became saturated with a tangible presence we could see, hear and feel. Then, I realized it wasn’t only my house, it was all of our houses. I could see each of our homes filled with worship! 

This morning I got really excited when I read Psalms 8:2: Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children. This kind of praise has the power to shut Satan’s mouth. Childlike worship will silence the madness of those who oppose you.

Then I read Psalms 9:2: I worship while all of my enemies run in retreat. They stumble and perish before your presence. 

This clarified the picture for me. As our families worship together in our homes, God is saturating our lives with his presence. He goes so far as to promise that this kind of praise can shut Satan’s mouth and silence the madness of those who oppose us. As we worship, our enemies retreat! 

If you are battling fear, anxiety, confusion or just struggling to be positive, I believe God is encouraging us to simply worship. Even more than that, he is showing us how to defeat the enemy’s words and plans in this season. 

He reminding us that worship doesn’t just happen on Sundays (or whenever you have been attending church) but can happen every day, all day if you want! You can change the atmosphere in your home through praise and worship.

 If this isn’t a habit for your family, or maybe it was but you’ve gotten away from it, I hope you will consider doing it now. Maybe you can just start each morning with one song. Or maybe each day you let one album play. You can play a worship channel on YouTube or create some new playlists on Spotify or Amazon. Try Elevation Worship, Hillsong, Bethel or even Lauren Diagle or go old school with Michael W. Smith. The style doesn’t really matter as long as your family relates to it! Maybe you can try different artists or styles each day, or have each person choose the music for one day. 

This is a timely word, friends! I believe God is going to battle on our behalf as we saturate our homes with his presence. Imagine if all of us did this this week! Imagine each of our homes releasing the presence of God! We could impact our families and neighbors with this one thing. 

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