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Sue Brage, Owner

If you love honesty, transparency, curiosity and creativity, you are in the right place. My life is an open book! It’s wild, it’s unruly at times, but it’s also beautiful, intentional and hopefully, inspirational as I chase the purposes of God and the passions of my heart. I’m here to support other Christian leaders as they craft, create and chase the call of God on their lives. Oh yeah, and we’re going to have a BLAST doing it!!

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  • Sue Brage’s inspiring book calls for gifted Christian women to become equal partners with their brothers in ministry. Sue’s teachings are firmly based on biblical studies and include spiritual growth exercises for women who God has called to expand His kingdom in the church and the world.

    Christine Taylor D.Min.

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Wild & Unruly blog

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the wild & unruly manifesto

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Creativity ➤ March 19, 2023

The quickest path to joy

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