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[Prophetic Word] Your most valuable skill in this moment

My Daughter,

Thank you for listening to your heart: is truly is the most important thing to me. Your heart is the core of who you are and who I am in you. The world intentionally and strategically woks to numb your hearts and to squash compassion, love, hope and the ability to even listen to your heart.

Do not think that the busyness and activity is without a purpose. The enemy and the principalities of this world strive daily to distract you from the reality that lives in your heart. This is the open channel from me to you, from heaven to earth.

It’s the most critical most foundational skill to be able to hear, to know, to feel my heart. That is why the quiet, the pause, the pursuit are so resisted.

The phone, the ping, the posts all serve to keep you in your own minds, in your thoughts and even your carnal brain. But you must learn to follow and nurture your heart. Truly, out of it flows LIFE; there is no life without learning to hear your heart, know your heart and to hear and know mine.

You truly are the intimate expression of my heart; do not let external influence or factors make you doubt this. No matter how hard they press in on you or how confrontational it may feel; remain planted in my heart. For out of my heart flows oceans of living water!

You are planted in my heart, child, and nothing will move you, transplant you or interfere with your ability and your access to hearing my heart. I personally planted you, with my own loving hands according to my design and my plan. You are not randomly placed without thought or intention.

I wanted you close so I could be with you and watch you grow and absorb and live the life I intended!

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  1. Lovely & intimate words from your Beloved. Thx for being so authentic & sharing. Miss u Sue Brage! Great picture below. It captures your joy beautifully:)

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